Mai Chau possesses an outstanding beauty that easily captures your heart at the first sight. More than romantic and lush natural setting, remarkable sights, delicious local cuisine and rustic culture, Mai Chau is also a land of traditional culture which can bee seen through special festivals. Let’s discover Mai Chau’s festivals with Mai Chau tour 2 days to realize how much amazing this land is.

1.Xen Ban, Xen Muong Festival of the Thai people

Festival time: On the 8th lunar month every year

Xen Ban, Xen Muong Festival is a time when they send dreams of a peaceful and prosperous life as well as a chance to play, an opportunity for couples to meet and love. In the morning of the main festival, the procession brings the tray from the house to the shrine.
The beginning of the festival mainly revolves around dancing, singing, gong drum beating. The second session will feature activities such as shooting and bowing. The form of shooting is to throw pomelos on the roof, when the grapefruit roll down, the marksmen began to watch and shoot. The winner is the winner at all three times and will receive the prize of “good taker.” Create a reward for the “need” an ivory blade and declare ordained “tuan muong” (head of security defense) and some land.
There are also many traditional folk games of the Thai ethnic group such as: playing the gong drum, spinning, throwing, odd, singing, etc. Keng loong is considered one of the oldest games of the Thai people associated with the concept of ancient moon frogs on lunar eclipse. The music is played by pounding rice pounding on the boat-shaped boat to create the rhythmic, special sound. Agile games require the ingenuity and agility of the women in the use of mortars and pestles. This game has long been attached to the people of Thai ethnicity so it has become a special feature in the culture of this ethnic community.

2.Rain-praying Festival of the Thai people

Every year, in March or April lunar month, meaning that the time of drought, Thai people in Mai Chau burn torch to pray raining in the moonlit night.

The rain-praying festival is organized with the purpose of a bumper new year, healthy people, and happy living. On the Thai festival days in Mai Chau village no big distinction, the old, young boys and girls are cleaning the living area to show with the gods that they always know how to protect and preserve beauty.
The rain festival is the most important occasion of the year. From the night before the festival, people were well prepared, clean, neatly organized. And the preparation of the offerings can not be missing include bitter shoots, blue bananas, blue rice, smoked fish, cakes, less cake, glutinous rice, boiled chicken …

Mostly young people focus on burning torches and singing and the elderly and middle-aged at home, welcome the rain singing team thoughtfully. Although crowded but the singing society often go in very neat, this scene makes visitors fortunate to witness the very interesting.
The leader of the group sang the choir, the next holding a rice sieve to ask for gifts. The house was knocked on the first door of the old woman’s house. The rain prayers are repeated several times, the owner went out to use the hand in the water bowl in front of the house and water continuously run out of pots. This goes to another pot until the whole group is wet, and the rice is also wet.

3.Gong Festival of the Muong people

Gong festival is held on spring days, New Year holidays and fun festivals… the sound of gongs is the wish of every family for peace, health and prosperity. Those who know how to sing and learn gong when going to New Year’s greetings or congratulate families will go in order, gongs, and especially can write poetry compliment the owner, wish to do business In return and in return, the host will bring the offering to sing the answer.
Gong songs often bring the optimistic, loving and cheerful sound with narrative elements, lyrical and interwoven rituals that create a dynamic and distinctive character of this festival. Gong festival creates the cultural space of the gong of the Muong people with traditional culture, long history and increasingly worthy of development through generations, leaving impression for every visitor when experiencing.
The gong festival not only satisfies the need of enjoying the music of the village, but also plays a major role in production work with the meaning of gongs to spread, occupy in large space, deeply imprinted. Bold in each village, family in a simple, gentle.

Especially in the Gong festival of the Muong people in Mai Chau, the gong player is a female, not a man like many other places. Rhythmic music, vibrant, rhythmic melody, streamlined team, flexible to liven up the festival.

4.Long Tong Festival of the Tay people

Long Tong Festival is a special festival in Mai Chau, also known as the making of going to the field of the Tay ethnic group. The festival is held in the early spring from 5th to 15th January every year with the purpose of pray for good season, good weather, good harvest, and happy people for the New Year.

The festival combines special features with religious activities praying for heaven and rain, the trees grow, the harvest is bountiful, and the life is warm. This day, everyone in the village stopped all work to participate in the ceremony, prepared to do the ceremony include boiled chicken, pork, rice cake, red sticky rice, golden sticky rice, boiled eggs and all wishes Hope for a healthy life, warm, prosperous rain, good harvests, yields are sent there.
The place of the festival depends on the selection of each year in the village, on the bank of the stream, in the field with a series of activities such as throwing, lion dance, stilts, pushing oats, Seasonal, tug of war, spinning, … and best of all is the singing of young couples held all night in Mai Chau valley.

The festivals in Mai Chau contribute to the unique of Vietnamese culture and art, and create a distinct identity for the people of Mai Chau in Hoa Binh. And if there is a trip to Mai Chau, do not miss discover Mai Chau’s festivals with Mai Chau tour 2 days to explore the unique culture to understand better minority culture.

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