Mai Chau Tour 2 Days: Food and Drinks

Mai Chau, has long become a popular tourist destination because of the rustic, peaceful beauty. Coming to this land, visitors also enjoy the unique wildlife, very attractive. You will likely encounter some during your Mai Chau Tour 2 Days.

Bitter bamboo shoots

Mangrove forest is a specialty of Mai Chau. In the meal of the people here are always available pickled bamboo shoots or dried bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots can be processed into a variety of dishes such as fried, boiled dots warehouse, fish soup… Notice it or not, bitter bamboo shoots make their appearance anyway in your meals throughout your Mai Chau Tour 2 Days.

Hill chicken meat

Come to Mai Chau, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy chicken hills. Mai Chau chicken is usually only about 1kg, free floating on the hill so when you eat you can feel the tonic, sweet in each fiber. Chicken can be processed into many dishes such as baked, boiled, fried … but the best is grilled chicken is marinated by the characteristics of the Muong. You can eat grilled chicken with blue rice or bake five colors.

Special Sticky Rice

Mai Chau rice is made from sliced ​​glutinous rice so it is fragrant and flexible. The aroma of cooked rice is wrapped in baked pineapple tube is very characteristic. When eating rice, the thin film of the shell wrapped in ephemeral fastidious, ductile pretty interesting.

Sliced ​​glutinous rice

Come to Mai Chau, enjoy the glutinous sticky rice sliced ​​by the new Muong women can feel the delicious taste. Muong people always choose a type of glutinous rice harvested from their typical rice fields on mountains to make sticky rice. It is a type of glutinous rice on terraced fields in Mai Chau valley.

Glutinous rice is soaked for hours with leafy leaves and herbs to create a soft, velvety color before sticking out. The Muong woman does not have pot sticky rice, steamed like the Kinh people who give sticky rice to the wood. Cooked in steam, not cooked. The processing is very skillful and requires skill. After the fragrant scent, take out sticky, put into a basket. However, this moment is not cooked. Wrap them all in a basket for a few minutes and then put on wood and next until cooked.

Muong Pork

Muong pigs, also called armpit pigs, pigs, pigs … are raised in natural conditions, grazing in the forest, eating only plants and grass, not eating industrial feeds. Lean, low in fat, delicious and naturally sweet when eaten.

This is one of the high-tasting regional flavors, a specialty indispensable in the meals of the people of the northwestern mountain. Muong pork can be processed into many attractive dishes such as grilled, roasted, fried leaves…

Stir-fried bee with sour bamboo shoots

Bees are not always easy to find, they only appear in season, so if you want to enjoy the food prepared from bees you go to Mai Chau in the summer.

Often old brown bees are soaked in wine, but the only choice for young bees are white fat round fat. Forest bees can be roasted with lemon leaves as capsules, but here people are often disturbed with sour bamboo shoots.

Night screw in Mai Chau

In Mai Chau (Hoa Binh), drinking alcohol should be called a screw. The wine jar, previously brewed in the soil for hundreds of days, can make people happy all night long, because of the lush foliage of the forest, and because of the mesmerizing atmosphere around the wine jar. Missing this night screw and you’ll regret for the rest of your Mai Chau Tour 2 Days.

Like many other ethnic groups, the Thai people in Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) only drink alcohol during the holidays, New Year’s Day, or when guests come to the village. Alcohol should drink as crowded as happy, as drunk. It creates la la but not disciplined, cause excitement cheerful but not coarse clutter …

Wine jar need to smell the leaves of the forest, incubated in the soil for hundreds of days, dig up, up to the original sandy soil of the hills as dyed a bit wild rustic. In the fire of kitchen stove warm floor, men folded; Women, women half kneeling half sitting, tidy skirt closed, charming.

Wine jar placed in the middle, open lid, the rice husk lying together. Depending on the number of people that have the “air” plug into the mouth, curved up the four sides around as daisy petals grow from the petals is aromatic aroma.

The torch is a bowl of clear spring water. The owner, who holds a meal for one night of wine, holds a buffalo horn or a horned goat horn, pits the bottom to get water into the wine, and the other holds a shaker to draw water from the pot to the horn.

First of all, the singing instead of greeting you to the healthy and happy. Vocal singing at a time like carrying flowers in the dew, there are times as high as the horse down the horse. Just sing, just measure, water to the wine jar. Any guest cannot drink up, so that the wine will be punished by drinking a few more “horn” in the laugh of everyone.

The alcohol needs (wheezy) made from the small forest frame radiates evenly, not to be crossed on each other, each person took a screw that smoked alcohol, once the sign was stopped, no one was left So, quit will be punished immediately.

The wine jar should be as low as possible, but it will increase the excitement by the laughter, the singing, the applause or screams, the punishment of the smoker. Wine jars need to master guests close together, mix together, and raise each other up in love.

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