The peaceful Mai Chau Valley lies gracefully among the majestic mountains of the Northwest. Considered as the capital of the Thai people, Mai Chau is a favorite destination for nature lovers. With Mai Chau tour 2 days, you will be immersed in nature, discover and enjoy the peaceful and poetic life of Thai villages or with friends and relatives enjoy the specialties attractive of the Northwest mountains and forests. What places to see in Mai Chau tour 2 days? Once you are in Mai Chau, don’t miss these stunning sights.

Located between Tan Lac and Mai Chau (Hoa Binh) on National Highway 6, Thung Khe Pass or White Stone Pass early in the morning is clear sky, sunny afternoon sun, afternoon sunshine with afternoon sun and night Is fog all the way. There are many people who pass through Thung Khe Pass without remembering the name of the pass on the land of Peace. The pass is not as majestic as O Quy Ho Lao Cai land, not congested as Ma Pang Leng of Ha Giang land, but contains a myriad of dangers to any driver. In Thung Khe one day is four beautiful seasons. In the early morning when the sky is still pervading the countless drops of sunshine over the sea breeze clouds floating with cool blue eyes. At noon sunshine is poured honey on all sides with white clouds, blue sky. In the afternoon there is a nice cool air in the afternoon sun and the sun jumps after each turn. In the evening, the clouds were streaming down every street, and the passengers could not see the object within a meter, freezing their hands.


Lac Village is today a popular tourist destination in the heart of tourists. Not a crowded place, busy, not magnificent flowers, not high beauty paintings that all wild, natural, friendly visitors once come here will never forget. Lac Village is a place where bold cultural identity of 5 family  of White Thai living in Lac, Ha, Lo, Mo, Mac, Loc. Up to now, it has survived 700 years. Previously, the villagers only lived and cultivated upland rice and brocade weaving, after which the hidden beauty of the Lac was gradually discovered by visitors. And since then everyone in the village are doing travel and the name Lac is one of the key areas of tourism in Mai Chau.

Pom Coong means the hill village located on the large drum. It refers to the field – a rich and figurative name. Pom Coong has been known as a cultural village, tourist village, an attractive destination with visitors crossed with nearly 70 households and more than 300 people. Traditionally, the people of Pom Coong still erected stilts that are unique to stay. The house grows up close together only separated by a bed of vegetables or thin margins, sitting on the open door, people can talk, play together.
Unlike the stilt houses of other ethnic groups, Thai stilt houses are often taller so they always create a clean, cool feeling. The floor is 2m above the ground with solid wooden posts. The floor is made of bamboo or wood. Roofs of roofs, leaves, clouds or improved by brick. The windows in the house are quite large size to catch the cool wind and also the place for the host to hang orchid flowers, forest flowers, and bird cages.
At the foot of the stilt house, Thai girls are littered with looms, making unique brocade products to attract tourists. Souvenir products are brocade pouches, bags, shirts are sold right at the foot of the floor with colorful colors, making the house floor of Pom Coong more prominent.

In Mai Chau valley, there are many beautiful sites, including Mo Luong Cave. Mo Luong is famous for its mysterious stalactites. Stone to flower, form the stream as a masterpiece.
Located in the Pu Kha mountain range, about 2 km walking from Lac village, Mo Luong is an ideal destination for travelers who like to explore and find strange feelings when coming to Mai Chau.

Chieu Cave is a national monument located in Mai Chau Town, the way up the cave is 1200 stone steps with the height of 700m. Each afternoon, when the sun shines into the cave, the emulsion is shimmering, very unique. The deposit is relatively flat, cool, splendid and majestic. At the main movement, the first feeling of visitors is the overwhelmed before the stalactite stalks, pristine, spicy and fanciful. The emulsion grows from the left, protruding from the right, from the dome, from the soil that grows in all shapes and colors, with a vivid appearance and various forms and postures. Each emulsion reminds us of the living world.

The exhibit store ancient Thai artifacts, collected by Mr. Kien for 10 years to express his love for his lost wife. All the artifacts are transferred and stored at the Van cultural house. Here you will be able to admire the ancient objects of the Thai people throughout the hundreds of years of development, the priceless priceless collection, carefully collected and preserved.

From Thung Khe Pass, dropping into the plain at the back of the pass, it is Ba Khan. This road starts at the bottom of Thung Khe Pass, runs through Ba Khan Commune and begins to flow along Hoa Binh Lake. This place is also like Ha Long on land because the ancient peaks are now nearly 200 meters deep under the lake forming. Come to Suoi Lu Village, you can turn into the New Hamlet, ask the Uncle Ho’s house if you want to stay overnight at the lake (like Thung Nai), rent a Kayak or simply a boat tour exploring The lake bed is led by the owner himself.

There are many attracting sights in Mai Chau need to be uncovered. To save time searching what places to see in Mai Chau tour 2 days, read on our suggesstions!

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